Sunday, August 17, 2014

Moving to NY

I started writing this post on August 1, 2012 but never finished. Since I never finished this and posted it, I also never wrote another blog post because this one was always sitting in my drafts, unfinished.

So here it is, the worst post in the history of blogs:

"I am sitting in the airport right now waiting for my flight to NY, which has been delayed for 2 hours due to thunderstorms. I tried using the free Wi-Fi but it was so slow it wouldn't load a single page. Therefore I am writing this on my phone instead so I can't guarantee it will be amazing and flawless.
I meant to write a couple blog posts when I was at home the last 3 weeks but the time just flew by! Between hanging out with my parents, visiting friends and family, cleaning out my room, and watching the Olympics, I didn't have a huge amount of free time.

The most exciting thing that has happened since my last post is that I found an apartment in NY!! I was so nervous about it, especially since my roommate couldn't go, but we ended up getting the first apartment we looked at! The bedrooms are small but everything else about it is great! It is basically a brand new apartment because they put in new floors, a new kitchen, a new bathroom, new heating/AC units, and they even took out the walls and redid the pipes and insulation. It's also located right on the subway line, which is above ground in Queens so it's a little weird but it also means we're close to shops, restaurants, laundromats, etc.

My friend Jenna came with me and my Mom to look at it and it was really great to have a second opinion (or I guess a third opinion). And then on Saturday I visited her in the Bronx since I didn't have to look for an apartment anymore. We just hung out and went to dinner with her friend. I'm really excited that I already have a friend at the school and I'm really glad that we are going to get to hang out more!

One of the first things I did when I was home was go to LACMA and the La Brea Tar Pits with my parents. We got to see Levitated Mass (aka a huge boulder that you can walk under) which was...."

And that is where it ended. I have absolutely no idea what else I was going to talk about or even what else I did on that trip home, but I wanted to post this so that I could start posting in this blog again. I'm kind of upset with myself for not blogging at all since I came to NY, because I have done so much stuff and the only record I have of all of it is Facebook, which is not really that great a record. Especially when I don't consistently post pics on that either. Basically I suck at keeping a record of my life, but I'd like to start being a little better at it. It'd be nice to start posting at least once a month (that shouldn't be too hard, right?)

Until next time (which will be very soon... hopefully),

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